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van Dyck

Floris Claesz


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Floris van Dyck, also Floris van Dijck or Floris Claesz. van Dyck (* c. 1575 in Delft; † before April 1651 in Haarlem) was a Dutch still life painter of the Golden Age. His only known relative is his cousin, the painter and draughtsman Pieter Cornelisz. van Dyck. He first lived in Haarlem, where he became engaged in 1604 and later married for the first time. Nothing is known about his education. However, it is considered certain that he undertook a trip to Rome and stayed there around 1600. In 1606 he was already back in the Netherlands, in the city of Haarlem. In 1610 he became a member of the Guild of St. Luke in Haarlem and in 1637 its head. Floris van Dyck married for the second time in October 1627. After this marriage to Cornelia Jansdr. Vlasmans, who brought her fortune into the marriage, he no longer seemed to depend on his profession as a painter and thus on a self-generated income. He died shortly before April in 1651.

Only a relatively small œuvre is known of Floris van Dyck (13 paintings and one work in watercolour). He signed his paintings only with the monogram "FVD", occasionally joined with an "H" (Harlemensis), and followed by "Fecit". His paintings are counted among the banquet pieces (also: Banketjes or Ontbijtjes). However, since banketje or ontbijtje refers to almost all paintings depicting a table laden with food and crockery, a more differentiated designation for the paintings such as those created by Dyck and Gillis would be Schautafel. It seems that Floris van Dyck was influenced by the Flemish painters Clara Peeters and Osias Beert. Together with his fellow painter Nicolaes Gillis, Floris van Dyck established the banquet pieces (Schautafeln) in the city of Haarlem as an independent subject. Compared to Nicolaes Gillis, Floris van Dyck has a greater significance and can thus be said to have "the strongest stylistic force". The paintings of Floris van Dyck and Nicolaes Gillis had a strong influence on the following generation of painters. They paved the way for a new type of banquet piece - Het Monochrome Banketje.

World of Art

Still Life with Cheese


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82,5 x 111,2 cm

Oil on canvas



Floris Claesz

van Dyck

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