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Ing. Reinhard Fuchs

Our Mission and Actions

At THE ART HUB, our mission is initially focused on addressing a profound imbalance within the art world, specifically catering to women artists. In the current landscape, a mere 5% to 15% of artworks traded at auctions are created by women, starkly contrasted by the overwhelming 85% to 95% of works by male artists. This disparity is not only confined to auctions but is also prevalent in exhibitions, where male-created art significantly overshadows that of their female counterparts.

By concentrating our efforts on female artists, THE ART HUB aims to counteract this imbalance and champion women within the art community. This initiative is designed to amplify the visibility of women artists, making their creations more accessible to a wider audience, and ultimately striving for a more balanced representation of genders within art auctions and exhibitions. By prioritizing women in art, our platform boldly advocates for equality and diversity within the art sector, signaling a commitment to reshaping and enriching the cultural landscape.

Today, numerous artists can achieve sums in the millions for their paintings.
Although the results are usually still well below the US$ 450 million of Leonardo da Vinci‘s Jesus, even these amounts are in a range that is unimaginable for normal earners. However, purchase prices do not necessarily reflect the fair market value of a work of art - they are often so called speculative or collector‘s prices.
Works of art are always about seeing and personal, subjective perception.
I therefore refuse to talk about a work of art. This is not only „very difficult, but perhaps even pointless“.

A work of art also has nothing to do with language. Thus, all that remains for me is to look at the artworks and I, for my part, am sufficiently occupied with that.There will always be collectors, investors and „buying maniacs“ who will spend tens of millions on contemporary works of art. And it goes even higher. In this book edition "The Most Valuable & Expensive Works of Art in the World", we present 275 of the world‘s most important and expensive works of art (that were freely available), that have been sold either at auctions or privately worldwide, or they are unsaleable and can be admired in the world‘s most famous art museums.

As sales are not necessarily always made public or image data of the works and artists is not provided, this book cannot claim to be complete. The appendix also lists other works whose images are not available for publication.

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