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Giorgione (* 1477 in Castelfranco Veneto; † before 25 October 1510 in Venice) - full name Giorgio da Castelfranco, also Zorzo da Castelfranco - was an Italian Renaissance painter. He is known for the elusive poetic quality of his works, although only about six surviving paintings are securely attributed to him. The uncertainty about the identity and meaning of his works has made Giorgione one of the most mysterious figures in European art. Together with his younger contemporary Titian, he founded the Venetian school of Italian Renaissance painting, which is characterised by the use of colour and mood. The school traditionally contrasts with Florentine painting, which is based on a more linear style influenced by disegno.

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Sleeping Venus


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108,5 x 175,0 cm

Oil on canvas




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At THE ART HUB, our mission is initially focused on addressing a profound imbalance within the art world, specifically catering to women artists. In the current landscape, a mere 5% to 15% of artworks traded at auctions are created by women, starkly contrasted by the overwhelming 85% to 95% of works by male artists. This disparity is not only confined to auctions but is also prevalent in exhibitions, where male-created art significantly overshadows that of their female counterparts.

By concentrating our efforts on female artists, THE ART HUB aims to counteract this imbalance and champion women within the art community. This initiative is designed to amplify the visibility of women artists, making their creations more accessible to a wider audience, and ultimately striving for a more balanced representation of genders within art auctions and exhibitions. By prioritizing women in art, our platform boldly advocates for equality and diversity within the art sector, signaling a commitment to reshaping and enriching the cultural landscape.

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