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Land Art (also commonly used in German) is a visual art movement that emerged in the USA at the end of the 1960s and was first described as "Earth Works" in 1968 at an exhibition in Virginia Dwan's gallery in New York. The term "Land Art", which is particularly common in Germany, was coined in 1969 by the German filmmaker and television gallerist Gerry Schum in his first television exhibition Land Art.
The defining characteristic of Land Art is the creative, preferably minimalist and often radical intervention in a landscape to create a three-dimensional, always site-specific and often ephemeral work of art that changes the immediate experience of landscape and environment and provokes an intensified perception of space. In doing so, Land Art artists do not focus on a specific scale or method.


Land Art

Rather, they work with spaces on different scales, often with found natural materials but also with artificial materials such as concrete if the artistic design requires it. Land art emerged in the 1960s in the USA and, together with minimalism, was one of the most radical artistic concepts of the time. In contrast to minimalism, which was concerned with objectivity and was mainly found in the context of galleries and museums, Land Art was characterised by a romantic, but also by an explicitly socio-critical component.




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