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John Singleton Copley (* 3 July 1738 in Boston; † 9 September 1815 in London) was an American English painter. He was probably born in Boston, Massachusetts, to Richard and Mary Singleton Copley, both Anglo-Irish. After becoming well-established as a portrait painter of the wealthy in colonial New England he moved to London in 1774, never returning to America. In London, he met considerable success as a portraitist for the next two decades, and also painted a number of large history paintings, which were innovative in their readiness to depict modern subjects and modern dress. His later years were less successful, and he died heavily in debt.


John Singleton Copley


Oil on canvas, 91,4 x 77,4 cm
Detroit Institute of Arts, USA
Dexter M. Ferry Jr. fund
© Bridgeman Images

93 | Watson and the Shark (Watson und der Hai), 1782

Oil on canvas, 251,5 x 365,8 cm

92 | The Death of Major Peirson, 6 January 1781 (Der Tod von Major Peirson), 1783



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