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The scope of Jan Vermeer's complete works is very small, with only 37 paintings known today, although further titles have survived from old auction records. Vermeer's first works were history paintings, but he became known for his genre scenes, which make up a large part of his work. The best-known works through today's reception are The View of Delft and The Girl with the Pearl Earrings. Due to the small number of known paintings, in the 19th century, paintings by other artists were wrongly attributed to him. Today, however, his body of work is generally accepted by researchers.

Jan Vermeer van Delft, also known as Johannes Vermeer (baptised 31 October 1632 in Delft; † 15 December 1675 in Delft; contemporary Joannis ver Meer, Joannis van der Meer), is one of the most famous Dutch painters of the Baroque period. He worked in the era of the Dutch Golden Age, during which the country experienced a period of political, economic and cultural prosperity.


Jan (Johannes) Vermeer van Delft


Oil on canvas, 66,3 x 76,5 cm
 Staatliche Muséen zu Berlin, Germany
 © akg-images

73 | The Wine Glass (Het glas wijn) Herr und Dame beim Wein, c. 1658-1660

Oil on canvas, 44,5 x 39,0 cm
 Mauritshuis, Den Haag, Netherlands
 © akg-images

74 | Girl with a Pearl Earring (Meisje met de parel) Das Mädchen mit dem Perlenohrgehänge, c. 1665

Oil on canvas, 45,7 x 40,6 cm 
 The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA
 © akg-images

75 | Woman with a Water Jug (Vrouw met waterkan) Junge Frau mit Wasserkanne am Fenster, c. 1660-1662

Oil on canvas, 120,0 x 100,0 cm
 Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria
 © Bridgeman Images

76 | The Art of Painting (Allegorie op de schilderkunst) Die Malkunst, c. 1666-1668

Oil on canvas, 45,5 x 41,5 cm
 Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
 © Bridgeman Images

77 | The Milkmaid (De Melkmeid) Dienstmagd mit Milchkrug, c. 1658-1660



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