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Jacques Linard (* 1597, Troyes; † September 1645, Paris) was a French Baroque painter. Linard achieved particular fame for his still lifes. His first records of being of artist was in the 1620s. His father, Jehan Linard, was also an artist, known to have been active in Troyes towards the end of the 16th century. None of his works are currently known, although guild records refer to him as a "Master Painter". The earliest record of Jacques presence in Paris comes from 1626. Five years later, in 1631, he married Marguerite Trehoire died c.1663, daughter of the painter Romain Trehoire died 1635. That same year, he was first officially recorded as a painter and a "Royal Chamberlain". He and Marguerite had three sons who died in infancy and a daughter, also Marguerite, who married Jean-Joseph Nau 1642-1698, a Counselor to the King. His sister married Claude Baudesson and gave birth to the still-life painter Nicolas Baudesson. Only about fifty works of his have been positively identified.

Of all the artists of the period who are classified as "Northern Realists", he appears to have been the first in France to base his style on and create themes relating to the "Five Senses" and the "Four Elements". He was interred at the Church of Saint-Nicolas-des-Champs. Most of Linard's paintings are still lifes characterised by naturalistic precision, into which he sometimes introduced moral meanings in the form of vanitas or as allegories such as The Five Senses and the Four Elements.

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The Five Senses and the Four Elements


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105,0 x 153,0 cm

Oil on canvas





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